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When you export from, or import to, the United States, does your freight forwarder or customs broker ask you a lot of questions? Like, “What’s your HTS number? What’s your ECCN? Does this require a license?”

How do you know? Isn’t that why you hired them? Whose job is it anyway?

The US government says it’s your job. And export violations can easily run into the hundreds of thousands millions of dollars.

Think of your freight forwarder or customs broker like your tax accountant. Sure, your accountant files the forms, and gets you the best possible refund. But you have to give him the numbers for income and expenses, and whether those expenses are cost of goods sold, office expenses, or entertaining a client.

Similarly, your freight forwarder or customs broker files your export declarations and customs entries, and moves your stuff along. But you have to tell him what it is – the HTS number, the ECCN – where it’s going, who’s receiving it, and if any of that’s going to require a license.

A bad freight forwarder or customs broker doesn’t ask these questions. He just assumes because that makes his life simple. He’s looking for a fast, easy buck. Even if it means you get into trouble with the federal government.

A good freight forwarder or customs broker does ask these questions. They cares about protecting their business and yours for the long run. And so should you. Which is why you should have export import compliance expertise on staff, or work with a qualified professional.

Let me be your qualified professional to:

  • Classify your products or technology by its HTS number, Schedule B number, Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), or United States Munitions List (USML) number
  • Determine whether you need an export license, depending on destination country, or restricted parties
  • Assist with your Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing requirements
  • Advise on deemed export requirements for your foreign national employees, customers, and suppliers

Contact me for help in any of the above, and more.


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