You know you’re in export compliance when …


I show this attributable to Patrick Briscoe, so thank him when you see him.

You know you’re in export compliance when …

  • You worry about whether technical data is singular or whether they’re plural;

  • Your preschooler can count all the way to XXI;

  • You’ve ever had to explain that Puerto Rico isn’t a foreign country, but Canada is;

  • You celebrate your marriage’s validation date;

  • People think your best friends are named Stella and Ellie;

  • Everyone assumes that you’ve already seen the new Star Trek movie (which is true, but still …);

  • You wonder how much money there is in shipping horses by sea;

  • [Reserved];

  • You give your teenager the car keys, subject to provisos; and

  • VD means a trip to your lawyer instead of your doctor.

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